New beginnings

Blog Post created by Thelastquit2019 on Aug 27, 2020

Hello everyone,I’ve not been on in a while .I had a lot of changes happening, good changes . I have continued to work on my life goals . Which are improve health , finances , happiness and inner calmness. It all started when I finally quit smoking . Since then I have been able to work everything else into motion . Smoking seemed to bog my mind down  and keep me from making the changes I so much desired , which would send me spiraling into a depression.  Then to more smoking . It doesn’t happen over night , but you can regain all that smoking robs from us . I’ve almost made it to the year mark , in the beginning that seemed impossible. But each day , each non smoking experience I could say  that yes you can go this . Always tell yourself that and you will accomplish this . I finally have the inner peace I’ve been looking for ,for a very long time . The chatter is gone and it’s an amazing thing . I can now  focus on me and all that’s important.  Life continued during this year , my husband’s cancer diagnosis , which then led to his surgery and radiation/ chemotherapy treatment and we are now in remission. I was able to handle this so much better without smoking . Stress of working in health care during Covid times , again not adding the stress of smoking made all this so much more tolerable. In the beginning I came here every night and read , educated myself . This site was so helpful and kept  me believing in myself. Sorry for the long post . To all who are in the beginning of this journey please don’t give up . You can and will do this . Thank you all for being apart of my quit journey.