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Blog Post created by Thelastquit2019 on Jul 10, 2020

Hey all I haven’t been on in a while.I just seen that I hit the 300 day milestone, when I see this I say to myself that can’t be me but it is .On day one I never thought day 14 would happen much less day 300 .To all the recent quitters please just keep going and put as many non smoking days between now and your day one it helps to just keep it moving without overthinking every day and every urge/crave .Keep your mind clear .I was you 300 days ago .To update my current situation unfortunately my nursing home is no longer covid free and I have volunteered to work the covid unit ,the residents will stay in the facility unless they need airway support .So we have made a covid unit .Please keep all these nursing homes in your prayers .Covid 19 needs to end ,please everyone do your part wear a mask and limit outings to essential needs .Im so happy I’m some free so I can focus .