Blog Post created by ThePearlWolf on Mar 12, 2018

15 days today!  Very happy.  I'm having issues sleeping (either going to sleep or waking up to early, depending on the day) and not getting enough sleep makes me feel really out of it, but I no longer feel like I have the flu, which is a great.  I'm having long dizzy spells which is surprising since it's been 15 days without any nicotine, but they come with a jittery feeling so maybe it's a mild form of anxiety? I've noticed I get really hungry  in the evening when I know I shouldn't be hungry, so I'm assuming that's how my body is reacting to not having nicotine, but it's fairly easy to ignore. 


I went on a work trip last week, in a time zone two hours later than mine, which didn't help with my sleep issues, but I made it through the conference and also through a really stressful time afterwards without having a craving, so I'm feeling really good about my quit.  During the trip, I was getting over a sinus infection and I was exhausted due to the time change and not sleeping well since quitting, so I was really looking forward to getting home.


On my last day there, the airport shuttle didn't pick me up (it was pre-scheduled and paid for weeks in advance), and when I called, they couldn't help arrange another ride so I had to scramble to find another means of transportation to the airport in time for my flight.  It took an hour and several phone calls to local taxi companies to discover that was not an option (rush hour, out of the way area, last minute, etc) and finally got a Lyft.  I didn't try them originally because we were so far out of the city I didn't think they would have a driver willing to come out.  Now I know!


I got to the airport 50 minutes before take-off.  Luckily, they were closing up the counter but hadn't left yet because I had to check a bag.  Got that all done and the guy tells me to hurry and make no stops on my way to the gate. 


TSA has other plans & decides they need to hand check my backpack, which took quite a while.  Then, I miss the first shuttle to the terminal my gate's at & in the shuttle boarding area, there's a big countdown clock to show when the next shuttle will arrive, so I was able to stare at the countdown clock for 2-1/2 minutes while anxiously checking the time every few seconds. 


I had planned to eat dinner at the airport before my flight, but since I was late, didn't get the chance, nor did I get to run to the restroom or grab a water before the flight.  It was extremely stressful because I knew it was the last flight of the day on this airline to my home state, but I didn't think about smoking at all, during any of it.  Once I landed and was driving home from the airport, my mind wandered to smoking a few times since I always smoked while driving, but it wasn't a physical craving, just a slight feeling of loss. 


It was really a great boost to know I made it through a very stressful situation without thinking about smoking! And it's also really great to be back home alive & well since a tiny voice in my head was saying "maybe this is the universe saying you shouldn't board that plane" while I was navigating through that situation.