Feeling Very Proud Today!

Blog Post created by ThePearlWolf on Mar 2, 2018

Tonight is the fifth night of no cigarettes!  It's also two+ days since I quit using NRT and went cold turkey.  This afternoon, I was stuck on a 3-1/2 hour phone call listening to a co-worker vent and listing all the ways things are not going well for him at work.  That is normally a situation that would cause me to chain smoke while I was on the phone listening.  I resisted!


I had cravings all during the call & also during a good chunk of this evening (including now), but they were mainly mental.  I've had a headache, sore throat, & indigestion most of this evening, but those symptoms aren't that bad, especially considering I have a sinus infection.  The worst part of the cravings hasn't been the physical aspect, but the mental aspect and how much the cravings have consumed my every thought for much of this evening.  I'm pretty tired of thinking about smoking so much!  I'm so over it (and I mean that sarcastically, not literally....I wish it could mean it literally, lol). To be honest, this evening has been the worst of my quit so far, but it's still not as bad as it has been in previous failed quits.  I guess that's the difference when you really make up your mind for good that you have no choice but to stay quit permanently. 


Luckily, I telecommute every day so most of my interactions with co-workers happen over the phone or through messaging apps.  I do have a five day long conference coming up but I think that will make it easier for me since it'll not only be a break from my routine but also because it will keep me busy and I would be self conscience about smelling like smoke or being one of the few people that has to go out to smoke. 


I want to say thank you to everyone here.  Reading everyone's stories has really helped.  I've spent numerous hours this evening here reading up on everyone's quits and advice and it's really helped.