12 Weeks, Whaaaat! :)

Blog Post created by TessaGrace on May 10, 2018

12 weeks without smoking (approx 1 pack of 30g Golden Virginia per week) has saved me over 1 week's worth of p/t (20hrs) wages - -- at a job I would never have got or enjoyed so much as a smoker, working with toddlers. Although I enjoy my job, 20 hours with toddlers is a long time! 


Suprised at my tenacity when I look back at the evening I quit.

I'm sticking with my fairly spontaneous "cold turkey" quit "For The Win".  


Perhaps since prolonging fertility is one reason for my quit, I enjoy visualising my weeks of freedom as an embryo, now the size of a plum apparently. Does anyone else think like this?! One day my quit will be all grown up! This idea of my quit as a baby may be pretty hardcore emotional blackmail not to let it perish, maybe I better think of it as a tamagotchi, just in case- or is that defeatist thinking? IDK, few glasses of wine down. 


BTW I have a kissing buddy ATM, who is a non-smoker, so it's great not to subject him to smokers mouth.