New Job at a Nursery

Blog Post created by TessaGrace on Apr 23, 2018
  • Do you think the nursery managers would have given the job to someone smelling of smoke?
  • Do you think I could have been guarding multiple 2-4 year old's ( ) and nipped out for a smoke at any time?


I think I'm gonna be great at this job and as I was being shown around at the interview I realised "this is a result of giving up smoking". 


Unfortunately sailing in Norway is off the agenda just now, Captain's dog needed his undivided attention.

Lucky really, lots else to do here.


Thanks, Ex-community! 

Enjoyed a charity banquet tonight in aid of the film In Our Hands, a great watch if you are interested in sustainable farming. They served us Rhubarb + hazelnut + meringue + cream for dessert