Two Weeks and Eight Days. Today's crave brought to you by the first sunny day of the year.

Blog Post created by TessaGrace on Apr 14, 2018

AAAAHHHHHGGGGRRRRR Craving. First Sun PLUS an opportunity that is scaring me - to sail three weeks in Norway on a little boat in May - must move out of my room at this house first and do some other life admin..... I've got this far, I'm glad I'm a non smoker, but DAMN those rollies did go well with beer in beer gardens or at the park! Can I feel a bit sad and yet happy at the same time? At the Polish shop I bought a few beers and the men in front of me were buying cheap rolling tobacco and marlboro's, One of the men had hundreds of self harming scars and a pair of dice tatoo on his neck  drawn by someone who hadn't quite learnt how to render cuboids. Deep breath. NOPE. SINAO. ****. KEEP WINNING! XX ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.