One month of 28 days, Smober... As we say in London: Smashed it!

Blog Post created by TessaGrace on Mar 15, 2018

What with the recent house move I've not had much inclination for insight, I just know that this has been a hard week for keeping smobriety.

So thinking aloud... 


The 'reasons' for strong craves are;

1. Moved back to old haunts. ( So make new memories)


2. Been drinking but trying to keep to safe levels in relation to sobriety (let's set an upper limit of booze at 2 pints weekend nights from here, for now, if nothing else.)


3. Stress (smoking doesn't fix this)

4. Feeling hurt (smoking would not heal this)

5. Feeling unsure (smoking is not an advisory service, other time outs may be available)

6. Feeling bored / Procrastinating. (try doing something else, try getting it done, try taking steps towards making your life plans/ dreams a reality)


I will go back to praising as that's what has pulled me through. 


I praise these things about my non smoking status;

 1. I could cuddle and talk with family, especially the children and baby, unfettered by smell of smoke. 

2. I could enter yoga class without stinking of smokes

3. I could deal with emotions in other ways and immediately, without waiting for the chance to smoke

4. My aunt was happy about me being a non-smoker

5. I am proud about doing something so good for myself and it sends a good message to the world about how I feel about and treat myself.

6. I can smell the air and it has been sweet.

7. I can sort of justify spending £9.50 on a bottle of sea buckthorn juice, good health properties. 

8. Less to pack when leaving the house and less to carry, less faff digging in my bag for rizla etc. 

9. When rooms for rent ad's say "Non-smokers only" I can still consider living in that house.

10. I'm not neglecting to address a habit that could do me harm, especially important since Strokes are common in my family.