Day Four

Blog Post created by TessaGrace on Feb 19, 2018

I am happy to report that I haven't smoked and haven't had tooo much trouble not smoking, to be honest the early days take a level of concentration, I feel pleasurably on point and there's glory (even if only self glory) in them. I'm nervous about the future when I go out to some big social dance event .. I was texting a friend about it today and he is two months in (to not smoking) now, I hadn't known- he was saying how craving he felt now and I was holding my own relatively well saying that smoking does ABSOLUTELY NotHing for you and he was like:- yeah it does, and I pointed out the urge to smoke correlates well with urge to self harm and he saw my point. I'm grateful that he pointed out some concerning preoccupations now (such as social anxiety we mask by smoking) whilst we are at a distance from each other, we were "good" smoking "buddies" and friends. We're both quit today. I need to keep reading and considering how I'll plan to succeed/ keep my beneficial self leading the way.  Some quotes I've been thinking about - which I wolf wins? "The one you feed" and "let the soft animal of your body love what it loves". Sorry for raw unpolished text, better than not writing, for me.