Slowly feeling better

Blog Post created by TerrieQuit on Mar 31, 2017

Hello, It's been almost 3 days since I started taking the right medications, Many of you have been asking how I am doing, it's slow. My cough and wheezing are still bad. I am using night time oxygen only as needed. The fever only comes at night and is low grade. Since I am at home I am taking 4 breathing treatments a day. I started having my flare-up about 2 months ago, the DR knew about it and it was under control. I thought!


I should have insisted upon seeing a/my pulmonologist in the first place (2 weeks ago), the ER, and the ambulance tech. were a real setback. I did test positive for the flu but taking Tamiflu alone while having a COPD flare-up was not helpful. Once on the correct medications, I started to improve.


Since Brandy is living here now, he has been very helpful in the evenings. His pampering is great. He is still smoking, though, which is not helpful. He smokes outside and not near as much since I have been sick (his stinky things are still in the house), and he is in full addiction to nicotine, which makes me sad   But that has to be his choice.


I called my Pulmo yesterday and I was told to give it about 3 more days and I should start to feel human again!


Thank you for all of your concerns, well wishes, and prayers! You are all appreciated! Of course, they are helping and comforting!


Please don't smoke. somebody loves you! Please love yourself enough not to smoke! I Love You!

~Terrie~   Don't Quit on your Quit!