Tuesday’s Promise: Accountability and self love

Blog Post created by TerrieQuit on Jan 31, 2017

Tuesday’s Promise: Accountability
I will not allow low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, or the negativity of others to prevent me from achieving my authentic goals and from becoming the person I am meant to be. 
I will NOT smoke today NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! It has never helped me in my life and I Pledge to remain FREE FROM NICOTINE FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS!

Please, come pledge with me today and we will keep each other strong!

How to pledge:

After you click the link below and get to the pledge, right under the title, click on latest reply and comment to the last person taking their hand........ tomorrow we should have a new page, this ought to be interesting as it will be my first in the new platform,so, it might be like a box of chocolates ..................... lol!


For a good group to get/ give strength and encourage, please visit, the link below, as with the pledge, when you arrive at this group look under the title for the latest reply and it will bring you to the right place to make your comment!


Thanks and have a wonderful day!