I'm back from ER

Blog Post created by TerrieQuit on Jan 31, 2017

Hello, several people have been asking about my sickness. I went to ER today. They did a CT one with contrast and one without. the kiwi size lump I have under my chin appears to be a lymph gland, perhaps caused by a virus and that would explain the fevers all the time.  The are having me follow up with my family Doc before the weekend. Because It keeps coming and going they think it should be removed, but I have to talk to the Doc first.

Before the weekend is kind of a joke for me. I am working with it, though, I have left a message for my caseworker so she can call and schedule an appointment that suits them both.

They told me to also talk to him about the hand and feet cramps and the pain that shoots down the left side of my back and stiff neck all the time.

For now, I am to rest and drink lots of if liquids, Tylenol/Motrin and get in to see the Doc. asap (which will be the hard part) so rest easy and so will I, it's only a lymph gland Thanks for your prayers!   ~Terrie~