It is what it is!  50 days!

Blog Post created by TerrieQuit on Jan 26, 2017

That's right! It is what it is! I know I am not an Elder anymore but I still think like one and I do know this, we all need to be setting a better example. Are we here to support or to gripe about the new platform. Take a patience pill and go comfort some newbies or anyone that may be struggling or say some prayers for shashort, who just got half her hand amputated! We will read and learn just like we did when we quit and it will stick and we will be fine! and like I am still doing to keep my 50 days quit!

If you are having trouble, there is a guide on the homepage as to how it works, or just go to the conversations tab and click, you can ask questions there.

We have brand new people here that don't even know about the old platform, they just want to be smoke-free! Let's help them do that!

So come on, let's support and encourage and do what we do and like you told me when I lost 519 days let's get over it and move on! PLEASE!  

Thanks for the love, support, and encouragement that you have given me in the last 50 days and beyond!  ~Terrie~