Braking the chain of cigarettes

Blog Post created by Teejay717 on Nov 24, 2019

I can’t believe I had been smoking but for 10 years wow don’t even feel like that long but when you think about it that is super crazy long time I have wasted burned my money away of 9,767 dollars with in that time and that I could have saved all that money could of done a lot with that much money close to 10,000 bucks wow! 

And now I’ve almost been 72 hours free from the prison of a cigarette in My own way of in my head that’s is how I felt about smoking ...it was like a trap of the worst habit I have ever been in!! When they say brake the chain it means you brake free! And it is and feels amazing not having to worry about the next cigarette! If you read this and feel the same way then I am happy for you also congratulations!!!

if you are here and reading this today!