Preparing for the Big Day

Blog Post created by TartHeart on Sep 28, 2019

   Hey everyone welcome to my personal blog. This is the first piece of content I've decided to share on the site. Other then the basics they ask.

  So I've been doing my fair share of lurking the past few days. Reading over forums and learning things about quitting as I go. I have to say, checking in on the Ex program in the morning has definitely helped me put off that morning cigarette. I have sufficiently cut back on my smoking already, maybe 4-5 a day vs my normal 12-20. 

  Some steps I'd like to share about my progress include reaching out to my friends and family on Facebook, telling them my quit date and asking for feedback. I was REALLY surprised at how many people reached out to support my decision. Many where friends whom have never smoked, reaching out to just let me know they're rooting for me. I have to admit I don't make many personal posts to Facebook, so having so many responses felt really good. 

  I've also started preparing by buying candies and treats to help with my cravings. So far these little cinnamon candies have been a God sent. I also stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmers market. 

  My husband and I cleaned out our vehicles, one we've never smoked in, the other needs a professional detail to get the smoke scent out. It's been smoked in for almost 5 years now. 

  Oh, I also made these popsicle stick activities. I was reading through a post about 100 other things to do, other then smoke. Which gave me a neat idea. I took 25 popsicle sticks, and color coded them to times. (5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, and 25+ or day trips, 5 of each) The idea is once my quit day hits I can either start by picking an activity for the day, or whatever suits my time needs. This way if I have a super craving, and I have about 20m before going to work. Instead of sitting outside on my phone with a cig, wasting time, I can pick up a 15m activity and entertain myself in a new way. I think the only way to really make this better for myself personally is to have a separate jar of exercises, this way I don't work up a sweat before work or appointments..

  Anyway, until I find a job here in our new town, I will have plenty of time to craft and go to the beach, so that idea can wait for when I need it most, after my quit date. 

  Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog, I hope I wasn't too hard to follow. Feel free to leave a comment about what you think of my progress so far, and let me know if you have any questions. God bless and have a great day!