May 21, 2020 8:00 PM

Blog Post created by TaracaX on May 21, 2020

Good Evening,


This is IT!  I am so done with Cigarettes. Listening to my music and designing my keepsakes, A bracelet with a patch of leather and embroidered Seed Beads stating the above date and time. A choker with a silver LIVE centered on it; with metallic purple 12/0, silver disc spacer beads 15/0, series of 11/0: tbd, with a barrel clasp and silver chain, all around? My Theme Songs: Different by Michah Taylor,  Something to Remember by Aaron Lewis and Stand By Me by Tracy Chapman.  I go for my first walk with my neighbor, and possibly with my husband first time tomorrow after I stretch for 16 minutes, 3 min on the Max Trainer. 

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I will work on those keepsakes in a week or two.