This is IT 05/19/20 11:21pm

Blog Post created by TaracaX on May 20, 2020

I read Allen Carr's Easyway and it finally sunk in that I can quit and face the cravings. It's funny, as I was reading it I noticed I said that's me, that's me. I realized that I will have cravings and need to say yippee, I'm free; it'll pass. I want to be fit so much more than a smoker. I have pages of quotes that will help me to get through those cravings and I will workout daily to remind me that is how I want to live now. 

I know I've tried and failed on here quite a few times and said this is it, but I feel different about it. As I smoked my last cig I realized I wasn't enjoying it and as I put it out I stared at it and thought "no more little monster." I appreciate ya'all being supportive of me despite my many failed attempts.

I'll reread  the Easyway several times to ingrain those things he said. I read it fast the first time to get to the ceremony of the last cig. 

I'm making scrapbook of my fitness journey with the first page the date I actually quit 05/19/20 11:21pm written different ways and quotes to help me get through the tough times that I will have and face with Easyway arsenal. The back of the first page is titled Day Zero. It starts off with a picture of me smoking and you know what I'm frowning! And of one in my bikini so I can take another one like that in 4 weeks and compare and see the fruits of my labors.


Good Journey,