Third Day: Still Alive

Blog Post created by Tar_Heel on Jul 19, 2019
  • Third day: Still Alive:  Thanks for all the comments about my Day Two blog.  For those that are concerned about my stash of snacks:  I've never had a weight problem, in fact, a little extra won't hurt.  I do eat 3 regular meals a day (most of the time).  The snacks are for the long, long, long hours between meals.  I forgot to add that I use Tootsie Pops for car rides. 
  • As for water, I am a recreational runner (5 miles, 10 miles, half and full marathons).  And being in Texas, we drink water all the time. 
  • I've started a little cross-training to help my running.  The YMCA  accepts Silver Sneakers so the cost was good. 
  • Cravings seem more intense today but so far so good.  Dinner and a few scoops of ice cream should help. 
  • And sleeping also helps: you can't think about smoking if you're asleep.  They say that nicotine should be out of your system by the end of day 3. I guess that will help, don't know.