Day 3 completed

Blog Post created by Tapas_butterfly22 on Sep 28, 2019

I made it through my third day of no vaping.  I have wanted to quit since i started. I had quit cigs, alcohol and drugs years ago been sober 8 years now. But then my husband got me a vape 4 years. Boy I got addicted fast. Unlike the others substances I have been addicted too I can use it anytime I want and bring it with me everywhere I go. I have tried to Quit so many times. This time Is different because i have gotten rid of my vape, told friends and joined this community. The first two days were hard because i wasn’t sure if i would go back and let myself down. It was always in my mind that vaping wasn’t an option. However today i it wasn’t on my mind so much and as a result I was living my life more normal and reaching for my vape a lot. THankfully it’s not here. And not an option. When I got sober journaling helped a lot. Hoping this blog will do the same. I also know from being sober that each day I don’t be pick up it makes it easier to not pick up the next day. And if i stay at it one day i will look back and me vaping will be a distant memory. One of my highlights today was  seeing people vaping when they were driving and feeling so grateful that i am no longer doing that.