I appreciate ALL Veterans, especially My Dad..

Blog Post created by TamborahH on Dec 26, 2018


ImI please to share an update about my personal delemma.. my worry and concern for dad. I asked last week for antine to offer ideas and information to recirechelp to get the prescription Chantix.  Rhabkyou fot all your kind words.  The VA will help my dad on his journey to quit smoking and Chantix is covered. Thank God. The stress and the confusion on why my insurance covered it and why there didn't seem to be any help for my dad, his health and his age was a high risk.  Although I have slipped and later began smoking again. I am positive about my journey and upcoming qyut date 12/30/17..  

For all Veterans,  I thank you for your service and for the love for our country you carry.  I want to share that VA may approve coverage or offer Chantix as a treatment plan free of charge as a secondary treatment, if you have attempted to stop perviously  using other methods . This is the third attempt for  my dad, he used patches, and gum under the advice of his primary.  I thank God for my dad. I gives Thanks to The Lord for The United States Armed Forces, You make a decision! 


Thank you.