1 month smoke free

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Mar 19, 2019

So it was not until I was looking at things this morning, but seriously with February being a short month I almost feel jipped out of a couple days I did quit smoking a month ago, 28 days. I have had a few intense moments, but just keep telling myself I don't do that anymore. I made a long drive, I went to a bar, I drank (one drink), I was around other smokers. I have been a passenger in a car with the driver smoking. I have not brought a sickarette to my mouth though. Riding hard emotions right now and the last few days as the 6 month anniversary date of my husbands passing has come, knowing our un-celebrated wedding anniversary, my b-day, his 1st b-day in heaven, the 2nd anniversary of my dads death are all coming up in the next few weeks, it's just taking its toll emotionally. I am pushing through, doing what I need to and not worried about smoking anymore.


Hold tight to your quits


28 DOF