I'm going to a bar, but not drinking

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Mar 4, 2019

Since plans changed and I was not able to attend the party Saturday night due to weather, I changed plans with my guy and I am going to a bar for dinner and drinks Wednesday night, an hour North of his place. He is on call for work and can't go do the distance, but told me to go have fun with the 'girls'. So I am.  I was thinking I would have a Jack n Coke (my preferred drink) with dinner and maybe a 2nd one depending on how late we were going to stay. Since I am driving and have to get my girls home safe before driving an hour back down to where my guy is I know I need 2 hrs after finishing 2 drinks to be safe. Plans were confirmed a couple hours ago, I fixed dinner for myself and my roommate, as I was cleaning the kitchen up I remembered I don't smoke (as my roommate stepped outside for his "after dinner" smoke).


I am going to the bar, I know a few of my friends smoke, nope I will not be drinking. It is still way to early in my quit to even tempt it. My last quit was 10 1/2 months, I had the chance a couple times, but never drank. Nope, no drinking for me, not this time around I am protecting my quit first and foremost and will not chance Nic' sneaking into my thoughts while drinking.


I love the fact that thoughts of smoking did not even enter my mind today. I am also grateful that I remembered that I am still to early in my quit to put myself into a situation where smoking would be to tempting. I have a plan to just not drink so I can easily say no if offered and also avoid the smoking porch to the best of my ability.


Hold tight to your quits


14 DOF -70 minutes shy of 2 full weeks since my last sickarette


**edit for clarity