Major crave right now

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Mar 2, 2019

It won't happen, already talked some things through with my guy. He has been a huge help with this quit. Physically due to a couple of things I am in pain right now. Took some pills a bit ago, think they are helping..have stronger pills to take if need be, but that's a, I know they will make me pass out last resort.


I have MS, had been smoking steadily for 7 yrs before I was diagnosed and 16+yrs since. I have always used sickaretts as part of the pain blocker even thought I knew how bad smoking was on 101 other levels. I know that is part of why I am craving one right now since I am in pain and it sucks. I won't smoke though. I will use every other option and still not smoke even if I spend the rest of the week in pain. I truly value my quit way to much to consider smoking again, even if it may give me a temporary false pain relief.


Breath mint, lots of ice water, pain level is still highish, but the crave is passing. I don't smoke. I will not allow one puff to take place. I am a non-smoker


Hold tight to your quits



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