Winning week one

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Feb 25, 2019

I am just a few hours before my first week smoke free will be complete. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday and again today shoveling snow, so that has helped keep me busy. Last night was hard emotionally. I know a fair amount of it is due to the nicotine withdrawal, but I was missing my husband as he would have been outside helping to clear the snow so that chore would have been done yesterday. I also knew that today was approaching way to fast. Today is the 2nd birthday in heaven for my dad. I did go grocery shopping with my roommate this morning. He smoked on the drive to the store, it did absolutely nothing for me so I was very happy about that. The mail came and I had a surprise so that completely changed my outlook for the day. The guy that I met online a few months ago who lives 3 hrs away, we have met in person twice and spend countless hours texting and talking on the phone. he sent me a necklace with a heart charm and the date he first contacted me. I am totally smitten with him and the fact that he planned on me getting the necklace today was just perfect. Between my dad's birthday in heaven and he also wanted to help me celebrate a week smoke free, I am blessed. So while rough emotionally, thus far a good day. As I was writing this out I got a phone call from our local florist- with it being so cold she wanted to make sure I was home before making a delivery. After talking to me this morning, my girlfriend sent me flowers to cheer me up. Yup turning into a good day and most of all I am thankful to be smoke free.


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