3 Weeks ago I said goodbye...

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Dec 9, 2018

to smoking. 


For the most part things have gone well.  A few emotional hick ups, but expected and I still process the thoughts as they come, I know they are normal and when needed I find someone to listen to me.


I had two firsts happen last night. I went on my first date as a widow and I went on a date as a non-smoker. I can remember how I was always quick to mention that I was a smoker when going through the dating process in the past and know a few people stopped communication because of that. As a non smoker it wasn't even a thought and it was during a phone conversation Friday that I found out he was a smoker. It wasn't a deal breaker at the time, but after our date last night I now know I will be using a persons smoking status as a potential deal breaker for the "never met them before" encounters. I never had issues when my husband continued to smoke after I quit, it has never bothered me with my roommate who smokes, but that final goodnight hug involved getting a whiff of a smokers jacket and I have decided I am going to purposely try to avoid getting "connected" with someone else who smokes. It's not even the fact that the smell in itself was a turn off, but I also know if I did smell the uck long enough, after months or years with it, it would be way to easy to let my addiction to smoking take root again and I am doing everything I have to in order to never smoke again.


Hold tight to your quits