279 days after I quit...

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Aug 11, 2018

My husband quit. A year ago we were talking about quitting together. After a slip I officially had my last smoke Oct 30, 2017 and set my quit date to Oct 31, but he kept smoking. I still hesitate to say much about it since I still fear him going back to it. This last “I will quit” thought came with me promising to buy him blue cheese crumbles instead of sickaretts. I told him I would and as long as he keeps his quit he can have his blue cheese crumbles. Whatever works within reason I am going to do it for him. His last was Monday August 6th. I told him if he bums them from our roommate that defeats the purpose and I will stop buying the blue cheese. The last 3 nights his A-fib has been acting up and his initial thought was to blame quitting. I convinced him that his body ignored all symptoms prior when he smoked. Quitting is just making him realize how bad it really is, he is on meds for the A-fib, but I will still be calling to get him in to see his cardiologist sooner vs his next scheduled appointment in October. I am cautiously optimistic for my husbands quit. It will be a rough few weeks, but I know he will truly benefit from it.


Yesterday, I was cleaning my “catch all” space- mail, papers, etc that collects all the “I need to read or keep that” area. I came across my rescue inhaler and realized I had not used it since March when I had a cold. I used to go through one or two a month. Realizing that I have not had the need for it just reaffirms the benefits of my quitting. All n all I will say it has gotten easier and I cannot recall the last “urge” I had, but I also know just one puff would send me back. Back to a place I never plan on going to.


Hold tight to your quits



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