Corn harvest

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Jul 22, 2018

A few months ago we planted some sweet corn in the family garden. Close to a 30x30 foot area was planted. 3-4 dozen ears were picked over the last week with this weekend being the "must harvest" point. Corn was picked, stalks trampled, wheel barrels were filled, pots of water boiled so after removing the husk we could do a par boil, then dip in cold water and then cut and bag. 260 cups of corn were bagged this morning. Mom took a couple breaks to smoke and oh my it was all I could do to make sure I was not down wind. Yet again it truly reinforced the benefits of my quitting. My heath, multiple sclerosis is stable. MRI showed no changes from my previous one 2 years ago. Husband's neurologist is trying to get him on a medicine that he did a trial for a few years back and it seemed to help with his myasthenia gavis. He still has significant bouts with this A-Fib, but keeps on smoking. His Cardiologist has basically said not much can be done until he chooses to quit smoking or just like the cardiac ablation, chances are slim if anything will work. Thoughts and prayers are with all of my ex-family


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