202 days

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on May 21, 2018

First off thank you for all of the congratulations n such via the freedom train post a couple days ago, I had every intention of posting then, but life happens. To everyone reading this, those getting ready to quit, quit again, are starting off or have years of quit behind them, each of you has a story to share and I love reading/hearing about them as they keep me going. I read a lot of the posts/blogs etc without commenting, but I have been keeping all of you in my daily thoughts and prayers for those who need it.


Over the last few days I have had a fair amount of friends post about their quits, some just a few days, others have months. It truly brings joy to my heart to know I am not alone and who knows, maybe my occasional posting has helped them make the leap to quit too. My "adopted mom" who was hospitalized with chest pains as I was starting to collect my tools and make a plan for my quit and who had a quadruple (4) by pass surgery a week after I quit is still smoking, she had a triple by pass 10 yrs ago too. She came by this morning to pick up a chair my husband fixed for her. They were talking about my husband still having a-fib, the 30 day heart monitor they put on him two months after his ablation procedure showed he was still in almost constant a-fib. The doctor told him during the consultation if he did not quit his a-fib would either not go away or come back sooner vs never, at that time is when my husband agreed to quit smoking with me and would smoke his last before going in for the procedure. That was going to be my initial quit day, but I quit earlier. Mom and my husband were talking about how strong I was, how they would "die" if they quit, but hey they are only smoking 3-5 a day, a lot better right? I just smiled and walked away. I have told them 1 a day has almost the same effect as 20 a day, but quitting and having none will make a difference. I have told them  smoking will kill them sooner then quitting today. I had weeds to pull and did not want to bother repeating myself, that is why I walked away.


I have been busy with a part time job selling plants, trees, vegetables and other such things as a company set a satellite location in the parking lot of a friends business property he is trying to sell.  Instead of buying fresh cut flowers for my 200 days quit I bough some flower plants, vegetable plants and herbs for my washtub planter next to the steps to my house. Picture below. I have been helping out with the garden at the family farm. I love that we have fresh lettuce, but I want the tomatoes and bell peppers to go with it, maybe during the 2nd or 4th planting of it..the three female barn cats had 15 kittens so the farm is going to be over ran with cats in a few weeks, thankfully they already have new homes for most of them lined up, otherwise that would be where all my extra money goes to for awhile since I am a sucker and would take one in. The best part is last year at this time when I was working part time, or helping out at the farm (before the family garden) or working on my yard I would be smoking a lot since I use to smoke outside. Now I don't have to park my truck where I can see the entrance of the store so I can smoke while waiting (it gets boring between customers during the slow times). Now I don't have to worry about where I left my lighter when I go out to the farm etc, etc and now I just enjoy nature without the interruption of smoke. A busy, but smoke free life.