150 Days of Freedom

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Mar 30, 2018

I am in awe that not only did I quit, but have stayed quit. Since I was 18 y/o the longest quit was 3 months, but I knew I would be smoking again (I quit with my husband when he had a neck fusion) so I don't really count that, more like 30 days was the longest.


I have reached 150 days, almost 5 months and I am proud of myself. The first few months before and after my quit I was blogging and replying to posts constantly. Now it is hit and miss. I do pop on and read about the on goings of my fellow EXers almost daily. I keep all of you in my constant prayers and when the need arises extra prayers go out too. It is physically starting to pain me to type this out, but I will continue to get my words out today. I am an Ex smoker and although the moments do arise, hindsight the temptations I have had were real, but my only job now is to say NOPE. Not one puff ever. That has been my mantra to help me stay quit. Every morning I make the promise to myself, sometimes I have to repeat it through the day, but NOPE.


At times it seems foolish that I quit, but then I remember my new hobby of diamond painting. It does cost a bit. It was more of the start up costs, but by not smoking I was able to do it since I had the funds available. I am also thankful for the health benefits I have already seen. I had a 3 week cold in January that in years past would have led to constant use of my nebulizer and rescue inhalers. I never had to pull out my nebulizer and only used the rescue inhaler a handful of times.

Attached are pictures of my fist diamond painting and the one I am working on. Yeah I kinda have a thing for pandas ~grin~


Hold tight to your quit.