The memories

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Feb 14, 2018

The memories of "oh I would be smoking right now" have been hitting hard today. I have no desire to smoke, but my life today has had me thinking about it a lot. I was dealing with multiple phone calls to my neurologist office- found out that my normal guy is moving on and I will be meeting with his replacement, insurance doesn't cover the visit, I thought it did, but then remembered I went with the other plan that covered the MRI facility and the medication. I had a certificate for a free night at the hotel near my doctors so I made that reservation, then booked another room for my roommate- he snores so having him just sleep on a couch in the other room is not I then let one friend know we were going to be in town, we moved from that area 3 years ago and have only seen a handful of people, but have stayed in touch. Within hours the word got out and I think we have 10 confirmed for dinner so far. I called and reserved the meeting room at Denny's next to the hotel. My hubby is setting up an event on Facebook- all are welcome, just pay for your own snack/dinner. Then their is the dog, while she will be fine if we left her at the house, we have a couple of people that would come check on her, we decided she will go with us since we are planning dinner near the hotel. She can easily hang out in the truck and get lots of attention from everyone as we go check on her often. While at my doctors my husband can stay with her as well, that also gives me reason not to have my husband go to the doctors with me- I go with him, he does not go with me


My roommate then came home and asked if I could help put the plastic on the hoop house. So I spent a couple hours at the farm doing that, he stopped and smoked, my husband who went, but couldn't do much smoked I would have smoked if I did that, but I don't do that anymore.  Lots of memories, stress, frustration and happiness that would have led me to smoke a lot more then normal, but I sit here still smoke free and loving life for that.