The little things that make me happy

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Feb 7, 2018

Sunday we got 2-3 inches of snow, Tuesday we got another 1-2 inches of snow. All last week, no matter what I did I had to charge/jump my truck every day. Monday morning it wont start,  I charged it since I had some running around to do, Tuesday I just let it sit, I was not going anywhere. This morning I went out to clean the bulk of the snow off, I shoveled the driveway enough to make a path to the truck door,  I put my key in, it hesitated, but it started. My truck has been nothing but a problem child for me since we got it 3 yrs ago. I leave the truck running so the engine could warm up, the defroster/heater have a mind of their own and normally don't work well, but as long as the engine is warmed up I can make due. So I finish brushing the snow off the truck and my roommate comes out and starts shoveling the walkways. My husband comes out and follows the roommate sprinkling some salt. I am able to return to the house before my fingers and nose are numb


All morning, and honestly the last few days, quite often I have been thinking about smoking.  I won't do it, I have my tool kit ready for the drive down to the bigger town for my husbands doctors appointments. Simple visits today I hope. Stressed and trying not to be stressed about scheduling appointments in the big city for both my husband an myself -2 doctors and a MRI appointment at 3 locations within a 2 day period since it is almost a 4 hr drive and we are hoping to do it in one vs 2 trips. One of the medications that my husbands doctor last week sent to the pharmacy hasn't been filled so I need to check on that and I am wanting to go have a smoke, but I don't do that anymore and it just bugs me that I am thinking about it so much.


Off to hopefully not deal with idiots in the snow


Have a smoke free day