February already....

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Feb 1, 2018

Day 93 for me. Husband is really proud of himself for only smoking 2-3 a day. Yesterday afternoon he made comment that he had not smoked one all day as he was walking outside to smoke. I try not to pester him, but when he opens his mouth about how little he smokes that gives me free game to comment right? I ask him one thing only- why not just quit? He always reply's that it is his last crutch. He did quit drinking 30 years ago, but he still has his sweet tooth..and is diabetic from it, but hey what do I I shake my head and go about doing what ever I was doing. I have read the blogs, I have told him one or ten, both numbers hurt and only zero will truly help, but his choice.


It is only 8:30 and I am ready to go back to bed, but nope I have to get ready to start my month of many many doctors visits for him not me.

Holding tight to my quit as I get through the month