Me just rambling/venting/celebrating

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Jan 16, 2018

We had a high of 13 degrees in our town and it got up to warm 16 degrees in the town an hour south, I am so grateful for my roommates brother for letting me borrow his truck. My husband got a kick out of the duel climate controls, the warmth was nice, not dealing with foggy windows was where my excitement laid. Last night after the truck was dropped off at our place, Wayne *the brother* got an email stating that his heater was in delivered at the store in the big town. Since I had his flatbed pick up truck and was going down anyways he asked if I could pick up the heater at the store. Not an issue. My husband and I left around 10:30, got to town, had an early lunch, dropped of a package at the UPS store then went to his doctors. She is a neurologist who a year ago said she would be willing to work with my husband and if needed change up the medications. She did a complete 360 and said in order for her to keep giving my husband the high dose of medication he is on my husband has to see a specialist- she recommended one 3 1/2 hrs from our home. He was pissed, I told him to go to the truck and I would finish up-get the specialists information, make sure the RX refills were sent in-a couple of months until we can get in to see the specialist, etc. He said he wanted to smoke, I said nothing is stopping you, just don't smoke in the truck. Once I got the info, went and got into the truck I could smell the smoke on him. Yeah I will never have to deal with smoking in freezing weather again


I then drove to the store, got the heater- yes I was thinking, big heater they would load onto the flatbed, nope it was a 40lb wall mounted tank less water heater that will warm up the water that goes through the pipes that were put in when the shed was built, it took what seemed like forever to find an associate to help me find the item in the pickup area and get checked out, but since Wayne let me borrow the truck, well worth it. All I wanted to do was come home and take some cold medicine, yeah I have the start of one. Soar throat, not being constantly irritated by my smoking. I am still shocked at what a difference not smoking is having on how my body  handles the soar throat/cold. I can use a my herbal symptom relief and it lasts for hours instead of minutes. I can take the cold medicine and have it last 6-8 hrs instead of having to take more every 4 hours. Got home, roommate asked me to take truck to Wayne's. I do, then bring roommates car home, stop at the sub shop for dinner to go, hit an icy spot on the way home as I was coming to a stop that is on a slight decline. Car slid vs stopped, got enough tire turn that it slid lightly into the curb to the right, looked around, no cars coming so backed up, made it safely 200ft to my driveway. Got out checked, no no one saw me, no damage,  it did not happen right? ~grin~ Just a friendly reminder of how quick things happen and of course thinking that would have been a drop the cigarette and singe the floorboard or the seat of the car kinda moment last winter when I did that. I don't do that, I do not smoke any more, N.O.P.E. not one puff ever.


Get home, do the dishes, get coffee ready to go in the morning, have dinner and come here and ramble  a bit before the next and night time dose of medicine. I truly hope whoever reads this can take that next breath smoke free knowing what a blessing it truly is.


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