My forgotten yearly trigger...

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Jan 15, 2018

New year, new insurance, new frustration of getting to speak to a live person. While this process is to get co-pay assistance for a costly medication, I do my best not to get frustrated during this process. Not smoking during this process was kinda nice and either I am getting way to used to "the process" or not smoking helped me get through it without getting upset over the frustration. 75 minutes after I first dialed, information given and now in the "wait and see" phase. 1st call - on wait 10 minutes, finally get a live rep who says they cannot hear me. I hang up call back, 12 minutes on wait- get sent to voicemail. 3rd call 10 minute wait- get sent to voicemail. Get up, get water, get breath mint, last year I would have been "on hold" while outside smoking. Thankfully I do not do that anymore, plus the warm 8 degrees Fahrenheit and windchill of 3ish, would leave me really chilled and pissed off as I waited. 4th call 9 minutes on hold, rep enters my new insurance info and said my caseworker will check into my benefits, verify which pharmacy I should be using then contact my doctor who should then be getting my new RX to the proper pharmacy and then at that point someone should be calling me back to let me know what is going on. Of course from years past, I know if I want things to process in a timely manner Thursday I will start my next round of phone calls. Also knowing I have enough medication to get me through till the end of March is helping me avoid the "I am almost out" panic I had a couple years ago.

76 DOF and loving my crazy life