Cautiously optimistic

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Nov 20, 2017

Yesterday my husband opened a pack of cigarettes and said it was his last pack and asked if I would get another one. He is disabled, unable to drive and has given me full control of the money so yes I buy them for him.


This morning I got up and was getting ready to do some shopping and pick up a load of laundry for mom, her washer died last week and while dad was staying on top of it at the house while she recovers from bypass, sending him out to do laundry was something she didn't want to do. I asked my hubby if he needed anything while I was out and he said twizzlers and to please not pick up the cigarettes. I was very willing to do that.


He is not big on reading and due to vision issues he reads even less. So I copied "The Check List" from Carrs book, put it in word, made the text large and printed it off for him. I gave it to him, told him he needs to get the "I'm going to try to quit" out of his mind and just say No and refer to himself as a non-smoker.


So I sit here cautiously optimistic that he is nearing his quit date.