On my 8th day as an EX

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Oct 24, 2017

I won't lie and say it was easy, but I quit 2 weeks before my intended quit, because I was ready.

Reading a lot about the nicotine addiction, ways to beat the triggers and cravings did help a lot.

The few days leading up to quitting for good I kept asking myself what am I getting from this every time I lit one up. I got a rush from it, but now that I am a week smoke free I take a few deep breaths I get a similar rush, but it does not involve the slight itch that smoking gave me. I thank Chantix for helping me the last few days before quitting to get absolutely nothing from smoking except an unwanted cough. I had a couple of days of headaches. I had more sleepless nights vs sleeping and with my MS that really sucked. I never called my doctor to get a sleep aid and since the last two I have had  7+ hrs sleep I am happy about that. I never want to repeat that week and know I have one of two choices to avoid it, I will stay quit so I don't have to think about the other option.


My husband told me that he was proud of my quit and he is afraid of disappointing me if he continues to smoke. I told him I would love him no matter what and that I know he has to be the one to quit and me being happy or sad about his smoking should not have an impact on him. Just like his decision to not drink, his decision not to smoke has to be his. I hope and pray he does quit, but his choice not mine.


The days are getting easier, I dove out to a friends farm to get some eggs this morning and only had a mild thought, but not a crave or desire to smoke while driving. I was outside and both my husband and roommate were smoking away and it did not bother me to just step out of the direct line of smoke.


I made the decision to quit, prepared myself to quit and with continued support know my quit date will forever be 10-17-17