Sleep is becoming elusive

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Oct 22, 2017

It's after 1am  and I am normally fast asleep by 11 and although I am exhausted I just can't reach the point of sleep.  I know, I know being on the computer is not best, but I only came here after 90 minutes of reading, actually re-reading a paper book so I know how the story ends,  and a hour of stretching, deep breathing, counting and tossing and turning. I took my sleep aid at 7:30 and a muscle relaxant at 10. I am at the point of no sleep and feeling woozy/drunk and a week ago I would have been contemplating going outside for a smoke before trying to go back to bed, but I came here to write.


I am happy about the fact that it really wasn't a thought until I got on my computer and it was more of the "what would I normally be doing at this time" thought vs the evil Ol' nic saying "hey it's the middle of the night go smoke" thought. I look forward to having enough days of smoking behind me being a non-smoker, so if I end up awake in the middle of the night asking myself "what I would normally be doing?"again, it will be a positive remembrance of whatever that does not involve smoking. I do know that Chantix can cause insomnia, I do know becoming an EX can cause insomnia for a few weeks, I do know my MS and chronic pain can cause insomnia, I do know their are a lot of prescription sleep aids and I do know I will be calling my doctor Monday morning to get one of them and I do know I won't take them every night, but I just need something to hopefully get me a good solid nights sleep every few nights till I quit Chantix and get past the first few weeks of being an EX.


On a good note, no major cravings hit during the last 19 hours. I am finding myself having recollection of smoking during certain activities: driving, after meals, after frustrating moments with my husband etc, but no real craving or urge to hunt one down and light it up and I do have quick access since my husband and roommate both smoke at this time. I think my weeks leading up to quitting had me thinking about that and not once has that been an issue, even when I went to the store and bought a pack for my husband. 


I also know I am worried about the next few weeks. A lot of emotional triggers of sadness, worry and two 2+hrs of driving will happen. So far I have had only short stints driving around town, but I am a non-smoker and have plans to tackle any smoking triggers that might arise from any of the anticipated emotions/activities.


I am off to sleep...hopefully