47 hrs quit, how I beat the after dinner crave

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Oct 18, 2017

I quit two  weeks before my planned quit date. I still feel good about it, but man the cravings after dinner tonight were the most intense yet. Typically after dinner I step outside and smoke and take my dog out to do her business. Tonight I took a step towards the door, grabbed my breath mint and said the dog can wait- my husband took her out when he finished eating. I went immediately into the kitchen and cleaned the dinner dishes, thankful I had a few more then usual since it kept me busy until my husband went outside with the dog. I even had the Ol' Nic conversation with myself debating the fact that it would be okay if I slipped because technically it was still 12 days before the quit date I set two months ago. No that is not going to happen. I reset my quit to the 17th and that is it.  I finished the dishes and chose to not even go outside tonight. I know that when cravings hit I have to find a way to alter my typical routine, I knew if by the time I got to my computer this note would have been me reaching out just to get my mind off the crave. I always have my handy fall back of watching the Florida Eagle cam or googling baby animals..anything to just get my mind off going outside and smoking. Tonight, I decided since it was not necessary, to just avoid going outside. I know in the future I may not have that choice so I know if that happens I will grab my water, breath mint and phone. Oh and when my husband walked in and passed me I literately and silently said "eww" I could smell the smoke and am grateful I am reaching the point where it does not lead me to temptation.