Life made me do it..

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Oct 17, 2017

This morning I wrote a letter to my non-smoking self and set it to post on Oct 31st. My husband is going in for a procedure at a hospital 2 1/2 hrs away on the morning of the 30th and is expected to stay overnight. I am getting a hotel room for the night before since he has to check in at 5am. I am then spending the 2nd night in the hotel room before I pick him up and take him home on the 31st, so I expect to see that post patiently awaiting me. My husband told me about 45 days ago that he would quit that day. I set Oct 30th as my quit day too, found this group and started reading and making plans. Plans for my last day, plans for when triggers hit and I know I will be successful and become a non smoker. I saw my doctor a couple weeks go, we decided to have me try Chantix. Day 5 started today and I am very pleased with the lack of desire to smoke. A few side effects, but nothing I cannot work with. Break the habits I told myself.


I have, all day. Not one puff. A few times the "urge" hit, but it was a matter of saying NO! to myself, a couple times I grabbed a mint to get me through and others I just occupied myself either cleaning or playing on the computer. I just cleaned up the kitchen and was taking the trash out, letting my dog do her thing and when I came back into the house my husband was just about to step out and join me. By that time I would normally still have half a cigarette to finish. He said "oh your done smoking" I grinned and said "yes, I am done, finished, never lighting a smoke again, done" he then went out to smoke.


I had pretty much told myself earlier today I would be changing my quit day to today. I had the "well what if you just have one more, enjoy it, have the final...." nope I do not need nor want that. Verbally admitting to my husband that I was done was proof enough for me to pop on this site and change my quit date. So life did make me change my quit date and I can honestly say I am an EX smoker as of today and will forever say I am a non-smoker when asked in the future.