11 days till I am an EX

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Oct 17, 2017

Wide awake, so I write....


So a few days ago I had my moments of doubt and second guessing and then I had a good stern talk with myself. I have completed 4 days of the Chantix starter pack. Good thing is I typically go out and smoke around this time of night when I am not sleeping and I have no desire. The thought crossed my mind since it was a habit, but obviously less desire makes it easier to avoid bad habits. That plus if I go outside the cats will come in then I have to fight to get one or two of them to go back out before I try going back to Yes I am that crazy cat lady- though I do have a dog and husband, so Cat lady in training? No major issues yet with Chantix and I am really hoping that tonight/this morning is not an indication of my uncontrolled insomnia coming back. I know it is a side effect and honestly out of all the potential Chantix side effects, the insomnia scares me. It was one thing when I was in my teen's and living on 1-2 hrs sleep, but I cannot go through that again now that I am 20+yrs older. I did talk to my doctor and due to sleep issues a few months ago I still have a few pills left of an RX so I know I will try that tomorrow and if needed he will either refill it or have me try something else. Ugh hate taking pills, hate smoking....once I stop smoking I can stop Chantix and hopefully stop sleep aid.


Earlier I had a thought earlier about how a lot of my conversations with my husband are usually held outside on the porch while smoking. He is disabled and I stay home and care for him. At least 3-5 times a day we are out front. I talked to him about it and we agreed once we do quit we will still go outside on the front porch, sit in a different area and talk at least once a day. It's the little adjustments that have to happen, but just because we are quitting does not mean we have to quit our outside talks.


Off the computer and back to bed I go, got my book and hopefully get some sleep.