27 days till I become an EX

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Oct 2, 2017

I cannot believe how fast time is going. I am actually excited to be quitting. Quit date is October 30th and I will be starting Chantix October 13th. I have finally started taking notes of when I smoke, why I smoke and what can I do instead of smoke. This morning as usual I took my dog out to relieve herself and this morning I choose not to take a cigarette out with me as I normally do. I know taking my dog out is a routine I cannot stop, but I can and will choose not to take a cigarette out with me. I did fine this morning doing just that. I let my dog loose in the yard and just sat and watched her and enjoyed the morning sunrise as well. I made the choice not to smoke and in all honesty once I was out the door I did fine. I did not think "oh I should be smoking" I did not have a desire to smoke and did not even think about it until I got back into the house and I grinned at myself saying "that was not bad at all".  didn't even light up until an hour later when I was getting in my truck to go to the store.


Next trip out (tomorrow) I will start working on the why's and what and what to do instead. It's not like I need to think hard on those, but just work on making the decision not to light up in the truck