33 days till I become an ex...

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on Sep 26, 2017

I may keep smoking until Oct, 30th or I may quit sooner. Either way I am okay with it. A few years ago after a serious attempt to quit, it lasted 29 days after quitting cold turkey, I resigned myself to being a smoker until or unless one of of two things happened. 1- my husband wants to quit or 2- 30 days after he dies, he is 21 years older then me so it will probably be that I outlive him. Well my story has kind of changed. After seeing his electrophysiologist who is going to preform my husbands ablation procedure to hopefully rid my husband of A-fib, my husband has decided to quit since the chances are much greater of the A-fib returning if he continues to smoke. He goes into the hospital on October 30th and said he wants to quit then. He will be in the hospital overnight so instead of smoking all day on the 30th I am allowing myself to smoke until I reach the car wash once I leave the hospital for the day. I am going to clean out the ash trays, run the vacuum and stash any remaining cigarettes to give to our roommate when we get home on the 31st.

My husband is choosing to follow the "Big Book" he followed to give up drinking 30 years ago.


I met with my doctor last week and he prescribed me Chantix. We went over, in depth, the potential side effects. He said if for whatever reason I do start smoking again to call him so he can get me back on Chantix if needed or to try something else. If I have to many side effects that I cannot handle, my doctor said to let him know asap so he can get me on something else. Bottom line I know I have my doctor rooting for me and he will help in anyway he can.


Even now a few weeks later my husband is throwing out comments of doubt of his quitting. I will support him, but I told him I can't, I won't  start back up/continue smoking. Even though I have been smoking for over 20 years I am fortunate in that I don't have any major ill effects from smoking hitting me yet. I have enough health issues I am fighting that I know stopping now will only help.


I have joined this community, another one on FB. I have made my intentions clear to my friends and family on FB. I will post again November 1st claiming my freedom and celebrating my life as an EX.


I have been reading posts within the community and have found so much encouragement and useful information and I will be continuing to read and educate. I already have downloaded Carr's book on the Easy Way. I have skimmed it and will continue to skim/read through it. I have already copied the steps and put that in a file of its own on my computer desktop as well (quick reference for me). I have a plan for my quit day and will work on making sure I have all the added tools needed and having a plan B and C..maybe a few more at my ready.