I bought a pack of cigarettes today...

Blog Post created by TW517 on Jul 23, 2019

No, not for me, for a friend.  Hope I didn't scare you!


I was on my way to a friends house to return a book I had borrowed.  He called and asked if I could pick up a pack of cigarettes for him because he was broke until tomorrow.  I said no problem.  And it wasn't.  Didn't bother me buying them.  Didn't bother me having them in my car for 20 minutes.  Didn't bother me him coming out to meet me and immediately lighting one up.  I didn't really think it would bother me, but wasn't totally sure until it was all over.


I did get a little bit of a shock though.  He asked me how much he owed me, and I realized I didn't get a receipt.  I asked him how much he usually paid, and he answered $7!  That's almost $1.50 more than when I quit 2 years ago!  I'm so glad I quit.  I really can't afford it anymore.