Checking In

Blog Post created by TBenyi on Jun 27, 2018

Hi Guys,


It's day 23 for me and day 2 for hubby. I have been trying to support him and offered him any help he needs and suggested this site or having a plan for hard cravings but he said "I don't want to do any of that stuff I just want to be done with it". I hope it will be that easy for him. I know it isn't for me.


I was a little worried that he might get as angry as I can while going cold turkey, but he hasn't. He's been handling it really well. He has admitted to having really strong cravings and sometimes he steps outside for a few moments without a cigarette YAY.


I am very proud of him and told him so. He was dreading the drive today because driving is a major trigger for him. I hope he makes it through ok. He had to take our daughter to speech therapy and I am  staying home to do the floors without her throwing toys all over while I'm trying to mop and vacuum.


I will let him know what you guys have said and that you're here to support him too.


Oh! And I had a small victory today. I didn't think of having a cigarette and get an overwhelming craving when I first woke up this morning. I got to lay in bed and snuggle the  dog for about 10 min before I started feeling any sort of craving and then it was mild.