Easier Day

Blog Post created by TBenyi on Jun 24, 2018

Cravings aren't as bad today. I had to go out and mow the lawn and it's really hot and humid. At times I felt like I was going to pass out so I would stop for a water break. My hubby came out for a smoke then said "Oh crap!" he didn't realize I was there. I told him it was fine, I didn't think it would bother me at that moment in time and it didn't. I didn't want anything to do with smoking at the time because I was almost finished mowing 1/4 of an acre with a gas push mower. I am out of shape and overweight so I felt like I might die . Now though, as horrible as I feel, I also feel great from the workout.


I thought I would check in and take a page from blast from the past. It's day 20 and I thought it might be good to have good days to look back on too. To remind me  that I didn't always have to fight with myself and there were easier days.


On that note, I have also noticed how much easier it is now that I am not fighting with myself. Sometimes I want to smoke and I don't know why. I am supposing it is because I always have since I was 11 years old. I reminded myself that I need to learn how to live without it and then it was gone.


Some other things that have really helped me are NOPE, Keep on keeping on, and the only way out is through.

So those of us who are still struggling. Keep up the good fight (Keep on keeping on) and keep your chin up. It will get better.


My lil girl has fallen asleep and now that my heart rate is down I am going to go get a shower, then play my game.