Day 4, first real tests

Blog Post created by TBenyi on Jun 8, 2018

So it's day 4 and we had to go out of town to appointments for my daughter. My husband had a couple of cigarettes in the truck and I think I handled it pretty well. He has been pretty supportive and has been trying not to smoke around me. I started looking for and focusing on colors. (Side note, there are a LOT of signs with red or blue in them, so I switched to orange. haha )


Then I came home to a disaster. My dog ate through the laundry room wall, right into the living room. Panelling, drywall the works.  Normally I would have had a cigarette to calm down but I didn't. Instead I told myself this is a test, you can do this. And I did do it, sucking furiously on caramels but I didn't smoke.  I have no idea why he did this, he is used to us going to appointments. I guess the laundry room is the next to be redone after I finish our daughter's room.


Dog doing demolition in the laundry