Quit - Day 2 - Off to a good start!

Blog Post created by SwimmingKate on Jul 9, 2018

Thank you to everyone for the very warm welcome.  I have learned so much already.  I spent a lot of time last night on the site and really enjoyed so many articles and posts that have been shared. What a wonderful community! One article about how nicotine and dopamine work really resonated with me.  I'll try to attach it here, but I'm still figuring out how the site works.  I've decided to create little goals to accomplish for myself throughout the day to get those dopamine hits sans cigarette.  I started my day with a run to the park with my dog and have plans to go to a kickboxing class this afternoon and to finish off the day with an evening bike ride.  It may sound like a lot, but I'm trying not to allow myself any free time that doesn't have a scheduled, but enjoyable activity.