Heart Island

Blog Post created by SuzyQ411 on Aug 30, 2020

For the past week, I have entertained my daughter-in-law Lisa. She and my oldest son Kevin live in the city of Syracuse, N.Y.- a little over an hour's drive from me. 


Last year we started the tradition of her annual vacay in Northern New York. As that was in the pre-covid days, we made many day trips in 2019 to include a tour boat excursion on the St. Lawrence River, gawking at multi-million dollar summer homes and circling the grand Boldt Castle. ( Click on this blue link for photos of the castle and other buildings.)


The castle and its elegant yacht house are situated on Heart Island and is available as a seperate tour. Because  last year's boat tour was several hours long, we decided to wait until this summer to take the additional castle tour. However, the corona pandemic pushed that plan over into 2021.


The touching history of this castle can be reviewed by clicking on this link History of Boldt Castle. Hope you enjoy learning about one of our local tourist attractions. (Not included in this history are a number of other castle features to include an indoor swimming pool and a bowling alley.)