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There was a time when I knew how to "embed" files in a blog during my brief stint as an internet marketer. But that process was completed within a word press platform. The embedded file would appear in the written piece as a word or words to click on vs. the http: address.


On the EX site, I have cut and pasted using the url ( the http: etc address of an article etc.) the with varied success.

When I have done it this way, the majority of folks would tell me they couldn't open the link.


But I am going to follow your instructions as I understand them, Nancy, and see if t works. I have brought up the web address/url for a given newsletter on Emotional Eating in the Time of Coronovirus. My hope is that once I transfer the url to this blog and publish it, that the red title of the article will come up rather than the http: address and that the title of the article will be "live" in the sense that it can be clicked on to open the referenced article.


I am following your instructions, Nancy, as I understand them to be. So, here goes.


Nope. What did I do wrong???