Blog Post created by SuzyQ411 on Apr 9, 2020

It was so hot you could have fried the steaks on the hood of the car. I was exhausted and had a pounding headache. The work seminar had been long and boring. All I wanted to do now was get home and shed my clothes.


Once I got to the house and opened the door, I began tossing off my clothes as I made my way to the kitchen. The slate floor was so nice and cool to the bottoms of my feet and I began to relax.


I put the four steaks into the refrigerator, threw on a t-shirt that barely covered my buns and decided to nap. Brad wouldn't be back from visiting his daughter for another few hours. 


So, I made myself comfortable on top of the opened ironing board.


The next thing I knew, I heard my oldest son's voice calling for me. I tumbled from the ironing board and let him in.

Following hugs and my stated happiness at seeing him, I asked if he would stay for supper and he readily accepted.


I mentally counted steaks and did a head count as well. We were ok--there'd be one left over.


In no time at all my handsome husband arrived. Hugs and kisses and then I saw his daughter whom I'd not yet met. She was cute but reserved.I felt very self-conscious in the t-shirt that barely covered my naked buns and began making excuses for my appearance,


In response, she gave me a slight nod, flipped back her highlighted blonde hair with a shake of her head, grabbed her phone and asked her Dad how to get to the pool.


My though was " Glad I have four steaks", as I began questioning Brad about her presence. Apparently we had her for the weekend.


Instead of heading to the pool, his daughter went back to the den where she had come from and quickly returned with another girl who was introduced by Brad as being her best friend. We chatted a bit, as my mind went "Oh, God, I don't have enough steak!"


Glancing into the fridge, I decided if I cut the steak into sections and made a big batch of grilled garlic potatoes and added bread and a salad, we'd be fine. But I had no salad fixings and no bread! My original plan for our supper  had been to grill two steaks with a little asparagus and foil-wrapped whole potatoes. I was going to freeze the other two steaks for another meal. Now I needed extra food!


Things were quickly going downhill! So I sent my son to the store for the needed items but couldn't find my keys to get my wallet from the glove compartment where I'd left it in my rush to get into the house.


To say I was frazzled is an understatement.


Then, the bell rang. Doorbell? More people for dinner? Oh, God, please no!


Then I realized I was hearing my alarm clock, opened my eyes, and escaped this nightmare--a side effect of the nicotine patches I'm using.


I also recognized that in my dream I was at least forty years younger than my current age and looked pretty darned good! That brought me a happy chuckle.


Then, as I got up, I realized that never once in the midst of this nightmare had I even thought of grabbing a cigarette!


Maybe, just maybe, I'm further along in my quit than I thought I was?